Gyomaendrőd’s famous thermal bath is located in the nicely trimmed environment of Erzsébet Park. The modernized Liget Thermal Bath and Spa and the corresponding new building includes a natatorium (indoor heated pool), a spa whirpool (fun pool) with various jet nozzles (massage, pulsating, etc.), and a brand new medical center with physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatment services.

The Liget Thermal Bath and Spa is inviting its guest all year round with its indoor heated pool, outdoor pools and medicinal thermal water spas and medical and wellness treatment facilities.
The medicinal waters of the thermal bath are excellent for the treatment of chronic illnesses such as rheumatic and articular diseases, neuralgia or sciatica. It has a healing effect on fractures, atrophy, and chronic inflammation. The temperature of the water is 60,5 oC (140.90 oF).

The water is outstanding for mineral water drinking cures especially in the case of chronic catarrhal inflammations, acute colitis (enteritis), cholecystitis, inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney, dyspepsia (gastric troubles), pyrosis and gastric ulcer.

In the case of gastric anacidity the drinking cure is not recommended.

I. Medical Treatment Services

1. Complete hydro-balneoteraphy treatments: water-jet tubs, light therapy tubs, sparkling water spa care, spa pools, hydro gymnastics (underwater remedial gymnastics), therapeutic swimming for children

2. Physiotherapy treatments: myotest, interference treatment, iontophoretic treatment, intradermal drug delivery by sonophoresis, direct and underwater ultrasonic treatment, low and mid frequency treatment, galvanic treatment, four cell galvanic bath, low-frequency electrotherapy (Kowarschik galvanic treatment), treatment with diadynamic currents, edema treatment, sport injury rehabilitation

3. Thermal water spa pools

II. Thermal water swimming and spa pools:

Pool and spa data:

Indoor pools

1. Education swimming pool
(11x25m area, 0.9-1.6 meters deep, 330 m3 volume, 27 oC (80.6 oF) water temperature)

2. Spa Pool
(1.2 meters deep, 21.5 m3 volume, 36 oC (96.8 oF) water temperature)

3. Spa Pool
(1.2 meters deep, 13.8 m3 volume, 40 oC (104 oF) water temperature)
4. Immersion pool with ice-cold water for sauna (3 m3 volume)

5. Paddling pool for toddlers and infants with pool toys
6. Oval shaped experience bath with whirlpool
(0.9-1.2 meters deep, 60 m3 volume, 34 oC (93.2 oF) water temperature)
  • water jet massage
  • water foot massage
  • water massage shower

Outdoor pools

The outdoor pools are available during summer opening times.

1. Swimming pool
(1.8-2.2 meters deep, 800 m3 volume, 24 oC (75.2 oF) water temperature)

2. Spa pool
(0.9 meters deep, 39-40 oC (102.2-104 oF) water temperature)
3. Paddling pool for toddlers and infants
(0.3 meters deep, 32 oC (89.6 oF) water temperature)
4. Outdoor leisure pool
(0.3-1.7 meters deep, 620 m3 volume, 25 oC (77 oF) water temperature)
III. Wellness services

Balneo-wellness: aroma bath, herbal bath

Physiotherapy Wellness: cellulitis treatment, lipolysis treatment


Other wellness services:

Infra sauna, Finnish sauna, solarium, pedicure
A wide range of massage treatments: medical massage, refreshing massage, reflex zone massage and foot massage, lymphatic massage, massage for headaches and migraines, segment massage, slimming massage, honey massage, aromatherapy massage, herbal massage, quick massage, chair massage

IV. Accommodation on the premises of Liget Thermal Bath and Spa

  • Rooms to let: air condition, private bathroom, cable, fridge
  • Chalets to let
  • Travel trailers to let
  • Camping (tent) place

Opening Times

Spa facilities
Monday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Tuesday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Wednesday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Thursday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Friday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Saturday: 9.00. - 20.00.
Sunday: 9.00. - 20.00.

Contact Information

Interactive map:
Coordinates: 46.937560, 20.836970

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